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Pepper Potts
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Pepper Potts
Fandom: Iron Man (movieverse)
Point in canon: Shortly after Tony's return from Afghanistan

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Personal assistant to professional playboy, man about town and CEO of Stark Industries, one Mr. Tony Stark, Pepper has been at his side doing his bidding – and tying his shoes, figuratively speaking – for years. She originally got the job when she noticed an accounting error and sought to bring it to Mr. Stark’s attention, defying his personal guards with the threat of pepper spray to bring Tony the information. That combined with her shock of red hair earned one Virginia Potts the moniker of ‘Pepper’, bestowed upon her by Stark himself.
She’s always had a bit of a thing for Tony, something she denies outright if the subject is broached. She knows how Tony is with women and thinks it’s all fine and well for him, but she won’t be putting herself in a position to compromise her own integrity by getting involved with him, even if every so often it seems like a good idea. At times like those, she likes to make herself a cup of coffee and read something that demands all of her attention. Or possibly balance the books.

Pepper is very smart, levelheaded and grounded. She likes all her ducks in a row and will work tirelessly until they are. She can be quite crafty and inventive when she has to be, pushy where she needs to, and ever determined. Unafraid to go behind closed doors to achieve her goals, she’s made waves more than once and isn’t concerned about stepping up to a challenge. When it comes to her personal life, however, she occasionally balks, having more of a commitment to her career than anything else and dedicating herself to Tony. She’s left behind a lot of her own desires in favour of his.